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The Stone Roses (are the) Resurrection

It has been widely reported over the last 24 hours that Manchester band The Stone Roses have reformed.

It has been difficult for me read any news about this reformation without seeing the terms ‘seminal’ or ‘critically acclaimed.’  It would however be remiss of me not to say that the band had a profound influence on Britpop and British music in the 90’s.  Their debut self-titled album often features in best albums of the 80’s or best British lists and they are credited as being at the forefront of the ‘Madchester’ scene. Thei fusion of alternative rock, psychedelia and dance-oriented beats allowed them huge commercial and critical appeal.

Moving on from this lesson in music history, The Stone Roses are actually worth listening to for reasons other than their influence.  It is quite coincidental that after hearing Love Spreads at about 3.30AM on the radio a few weeks ago, I have been revisiting the Stone Roses back collection and The Stone Roses does actually stand up very well to its huge critical success.  I Wanna Be Adored drops layers of sound and harmony across bass, guitars and drums to drench the listener with a soft and relaxing track.  This builds to the entry of the vocal line, a crooner pleading “I wanna be adored.” Without the heavily riff-driven beats that we would later see in Oasis and Blur the album is a subtle and beautiful exposition of the combined talents of The Stone Roses.  While Waterfall and Don’t Stop are able to tell a love story through reversed lyrics and vocal harmonies, the highlight of the entire album is the closing track I Am The Resurrection. This is an eight minute jam in which The Stone Roses really let go and share their creativity while repeating over and again I am the Resurrection, finishing the album with a brilliant cacophony of sound.

The news of a resurrection is positive although a lot of these sorts of reunions have sour motives and create sub-par results.  I doubt they will release anything of the same musical gravitas or reach our shores on tour again, however their debut does live up to its expectations and is definitely an album worth listening at least once.


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