No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

A great deal of new music has been released over the past week or so, or at least music we enjoy.  This has been compounded by my rehashing of Nirvana’s last studio release In Utero. We all know Dave Grohl’s grooming, and if you have never watched him drum with Nirvana, it is a worth a look, he is a maniac.  Of course Foo Fighters always had a significantly different sound to Nirvana, a great deal more polished, it seemed to me less emotion and expression dripping through their records.

I have tried with great resolution to enjoy this album, but it simply has not done much for me.  It just seemed to me horribly insipid and without any great purpose.  It builds and builds exciting the listener,  but like  an episode Law & Order without the revelation of a second pervert/serial killers/mother looking for revenge, it has not a peak.  Personally, I was in the mood for something a lot heavier, and White Limo is the only track that delivers the sort of ambiance I was looking for.  Foo Fighters played a surprise Sydney show a few weeks ago, releasing tickets on the day, and I was bitterly disappointed they did not do the same announce for Melbourne.  The amount of times I refreshed their twitter that day was ridiculous, but I wouldn’t have been lining up for any of the Wasting Light tracks.

This album certainly delivers on riff-driven testosterone, a stadium rock album to leave fans headbanging, nothing here will rub anyone the wrong way, unless you are a fan of  ‘insert random pop sensation.’  I was going to go down the Rebbeca Black road, but Stephen Colbert has had the last word on that.

Overall, the album left me feeling “listen to the album, don’t, I really don’t have a strong opinion.” if that is even a feeling.  Find out for yourself.


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