No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Callum’s 30 Day Song Challenge #9: A Song to Which You Can Dance

Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis

For years this was one of my favourite songs. I’ve always understood as being about a bloke falling in love with a prostitute. What’s not to love?! The first time I heard was a few years back, my brother had this really annoying friend who used to always be at our house. They used to play really bad music at full volume on the computer. I’m talking Basshunter crap. I ended up just hating everything they played. This meant that when they finally played Chelsea Dagger, I hated it. After a few listens I was hooked.

To clarify, I’m not a huge dancer at the best of times. I always enjoy a good mosh and that’s probably as close to dancing as I get. Back in 2008, a mate and I went to see Fratellis at the HiFi Bar in the city. Being underage, I had cleverly photocopied my passport and edited the date to get in. I reckon about four other kids around me had done the same. It was lucky I got in, because it is still one of the best gigs I’ve done. They supported by a small australian band, who later turned into one of my favourite Aussie acts. These buys were Yves Klein Blue, who have recently broken up (read And Pluck Your Strings’ eulogy here). This was one of my first gigs, and it is possible that I would not be where I am today had it not been for this gig.

Maybe it’s the hooligan in me that loves this song. It’s used around the world as a chant, commonly at Celtic FC and Chelsea, but it has been adapted into American Ice Hockey and also American Football. There’s something about it that just screams “LET”S GO FUCKING MENTAL!”


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