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this calls for some tuneskies

TV On The Radio – Nine Types of Light Preview

This is the new track from Brooklyn genre jumpers TV On The Radio.  Dear Science is one my favourite albums of all time.  It was highly critically rated and recommended to me by a number of people but it took me some time until actually listening.  How this band overwhelmed me so much is difficult to describe, but the opening chords from “Halfway Home” took me away and consumed me for the entirety of the album.  The soaring vocals and stark variations between tracks, for lack of a better phrase, simply blew me away. Without going into it much further, their new work was highly anticipated.

Unfortunately the entire album does not come out until the 12th of April, but my first impressions of this song are great.  It did take some commitment and persistance but eventually Tunde Adebimpe’s (that took some serious wikipedia referencing) uniquely sublime vocals drew me in. The track is an ode to love which was not encouraging, but despite the somewhat disappointing lyrical content, these are beautiful vocals surrounded by as usual, a brilliant production effort.  I look foward to hearing the album in full.

PS: I didn’t post the official video but Vevo was involved in that, and that service has done literally no good for anyone ever.

D Smith


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