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Splendour in the Grass Rumours

With FasterLouder releasing their rumour list, it’s only natural that I’d do the same. With The Vaccines already stating that they will be coming, there has been a number of leaks possibly confirming bands. Elbow accidentally let loose their plans to tour Australia in June, with a Splendour spot almost definitely included. Interestingly, both Elbow and The Vaccines were on the leaked poster from a few months ago.

We can get a fair indication of bands from the lineup at Fuji Rock and Summer Sounds in Japan. In the past, many bands have continues their tour through to Woodfordia. Starting from most likely, I am very confident on Arctic Monkeys returning. With new album due, headline slot at Fuji and two and a half years since last tour, it seems highly likely they will bring their new album Suck It and See to Splendour.

In 2010, Pixies toured Australia twice, once a headline tour in January and then returned for Splendour. WillQueens of the Stone Age do the same? The biggest argument against this is the schedule of Josh Homme. Having already played Soundwave, and soon to be back with his first band Kyuss, a Splendour trip may be one too far. But it’s not beyond him, as he won’t be one to get tired out like…

The Black Keys. Let’s be honest, they owe us for their no-show at Big Day Out. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but their last album Brothers was one of the best albums of 2010, and a tour is well overdue. Their blues rock would be perfectly suited to the Splendour crowd.

But despite these acts, we’re still missing a serious headliner. Every year we have rumours ofRadiohead, but this is always greeted with opposition. “Radiohead won’t tour here cause the flights cause to much carbon emissions.” Arcade Fire are touring the other side of the globe on the Splendour dates, thus ruling them out. But my favourite rumors involve Brit-Pop. With Pulp reuniting for Isle of Wight and Reading/Leeds, an Australia tour would be amazing, while fellow 90s Brit-Pop godsBlur are unlikely but continue to be mentioned. And we can’t talk Brit-Pop without mentioning the Gallaghers and Liam’s new band Beady Eye are highly likely. Another Fuji Rock performer, Liam will never miss a chance to show to people why Oasis are better without Noel. Lock it in thanks, Eddie.

If we consider other bands with new albums, an interesting list comes up. Fleet Foxes, Death Cab For Cutie, Foster the People, Iron & Wine, TV on the Radio, Mogwai and a reformed The Darkness all have upcoming releases in the next few months, and could easily make the trip down. Of course, most of these are just wishful thinking.

Finally, indie rockers The Kills are the latest to slip their intentions to play Splendour, bringing their new album downunder.

Personally, I’d love to see either Pulp or Radiohead headline, with Arctic Monkeys second line. But after the disappointment of not attending last year, I am desperate to make the trip this year, no matter the lineup.

C Maxwell


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