No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Callum’s 30 Day Song Challenge #2: Your Least Favourite Song

Willow Smith – Whip My Hair

Again, least favourite song was incredibly difficult to pick. It may have even been harder than picking my favourite song, mainly because there are so many artists today that I would quite happily abuse. I pick this one because I feel it typifies much of what is wrong with music today.

For those who don’t already know, Willow Smith is the daughter of Will Smith. Now, I’m not going to attack him, because I am quite indifferent towards him, but this song just goes to show you don’t have to be talented to become successful. The world today is obsessed with the celebrity lifestyle. Everywhere we look, there is some sort of celebrity endorsement or advertisment. And the obsession with celebrity offspring is becoming annoying. Bindi Irwin comes to mind, and Willow Smith is another. Unfortunately, the more talented children don’t get the recognition they deserve (see Zak Starkey, son of Ringo Starr, and Liam Finn) and we get stuck listening to this trivial nonsense about a girl who needs a haircut.

For the last two weeks, everyone has been talking about Rebecca Black and her “awful” song Friday.Now I will agree, it is an awful song but is it worse than other rubbish that comes out? No. The song says “I whip my hair back and forth” 68 times! I listened to it twice today. That’s 136 times she whipped her hair back and forth. Imagine how much her neck would hurt. If it’s annoying her so much, why doesn’t she just tie it up? I feel kidna repulsed that this comes after Belle & Sebastian, as the lyrical difference between the two is akin to that of Shakespeare and Gretel Killeen.

But I’m not going to vent anymore. It just makes me angry. I’m glad I’ve got this day out of the way early, because I’m pretty sure this will be the hardest.


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