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British India Gig Review 26/3/2011

As far as Melbourne music venues go, the Corner Hotel is one of my favourites. With a large number of Australian acts choosing to play here instead of more glamorous venues, it always has a great home-grown lineup. And last night was no exception.

In the first of my run of four gigs at the Corner,British India were amazing. Knowing they weren’t going to be on till 11.15pm, we decided there was no point arriving too early, electing to sit at home and drink whilst watching the footy. But we did manage to get in to catch the end of the second openers of the night, Boy in a Box. As is customary at the Corner, there is often at least two warm-up acts, and even though we missed the first openers, Boy in a Box were thoroughly entertaining. We entered in time to hear Triple J favourite Moon Comes Up which was followed by a rendition of I Fought The Law. Needless to say, the crowd got deeply involved and the band were solid through to the end of their set.

I have high expectations of British India. The two times I have seen them have resulted in a rough yet enjoyable mosh and this was no different. Opening with their latest single March Into the Ocean, the crowd was jumping as the band played through a number of hits. Lead Singer Declan Melia, who was sporting a Wavves T-Shirt, has an incredible ability to get the crowd going.  Before I go on, British India regularly play cover versions with firstly the Beastie Boys’ (You’ve Gotta) Fight for you Right (To Party) and secondly Nirvana’s Lithium becoming staples of the band’s setlist at times through their history. Being suitably inebriated for the gig, we provided the band with some playful banter, asking for a cover of King of the Beach. As casual as can be, Declan replied with “We would but we don’t know how. How about this?” Expecting one of the above, we were caught off guard by a cover of The Offspring’s Self Esteem. This was potentially the highlight of my night.

There’s only so much I can remember from the night, but as always the Corner Hotel and British India impressed. Even the guy who tried to start a fight with us couldn’t dampen our spirits. I’m pretty sure we could have taken him anyway

C Maxwell



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