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Angles – The Strokes

The fourth LP release from New York “Saviours of Rock’n’Roll” The Strokes has been expected for years and finally has surfaced, streaming on the bands’ official website.  When the band hit the scence in 2001 they were critically acclaimed as the last great hope for rock and roll.  Since then they have reliably produced sold garage rock music, without blowing anyone away.

This album does nothing to excite or innovate: much can be drawn from the fractured and sporadic recording process reflecting to the sound of the album. There are a few classic Strokes tracks (Under The Cover Darkness, Gratisfaction).  These tracks follow along the well worn path of bouncy drums, driving yet melodic guitar and Julian Casablancas’ indeterminable swooning.

Angles refers to the contribution of the five band members’ contributions and as is what usually happens when five people come at something from five different angles, the album is a confusing and inconsistent melange of sounds.

A work five years in the making could have been a complete and perfected work of art but instead it sounds very much like phoning it in. The disinterest, boredom and discontent is obvious, without it being beneficial to the music.  The band has grown apart, as friends and band mates and as musicians.  It shows.

The band have stated they only tour for the cash; this album sounds very much like the culmination of this attitude.  While the album is worth a listen; it is nothing like The Strokes of old; and it is difficult to say if the band will ever be capable of that again.

D Smith


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